National Earth Day #2

National Earth Day April 22nd

What on earth would we do
Without our wonderful planet. 
It’s a fabulous place;
Let’s take care of our space,
And stop taking it for granted. 

Who on earth would we be
Without flowers, birds and bees?
There’s joy to be found 
As we look all around
At our mountains, lakes and trees. 

Why on earth would we think
Global warming doesn’t exist
We’ve all seen the signs
Throughout our lifetimes
Nature’s warning us; let’s not resist. 

How on earth can we save
This world for our children to come?
Let’s cut back on plastics
And toxins and waste;
Think green, and eco, not dumb. 

When on earth will we change
Our careless  and complacent ways?
Let’s start with today
One person, one change
An earth-loving, clean living craze...
What a world of a difference we’ll make. 

Rachel McCoubrie

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