Kindness poem πŸ’ž

Be Kind πŸ’•

There’s a voice in your head and sometimes it’s not kind.
It says things like, “You’re useless” and wreaks havoc with your mind. 
“You’re stupid! You can’t do it. You’re never going to win.”
It twists your thoughts, it poisons them, and puts you in a spin. 

Please don’t even listen to those criticising words
Dismiss them all immediately - pretend you never heard. 
Start now to replace them with the world’s best, kindest Coach
With a praising, loving, patient and encouraging approach. 

Now pay close attention to the new Coach in your head
Love yourself, have confidence, believe these words instead:
Things like: “Good for you! You did it! Well done! You did your best!
Stop striving to be perfect, good enough will pass the test. 

There’s no such things as failure - only feedback for next time
Take the learning, try again until you reach your prime.”
Let kindness start inside you, let it grow and grow and grow
Then once you’re full, you’ll share it round and let it freely flow. 

Rachel McCoubrie May 2019

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