Dying Matters

National Dying Matters week comes around every May. It is a time for us all to stop and think about our futures. Death will come to us all one day. Talking about it will not make it happen sooner; it will just mean that we and our loved ones are more prepared for it. We can legally appoint people to speak for us and make decisions on our finances and health if at any point we are unable to do this for ourselves. Planning our funerals can give comfort to our families, knowing our favourite readings or music is included. Writing our wills makes life much easier for those left behind. Dying matters. Let's get it right. 

Dying matters…

It’s got to happen one day;
Let’s hope it won’t be soon. 
It’s good to talk about it,
That elephant in the room.

Let’s make the most of living
Enjoy it while we can;
Let’s run and jump, dance around,
But also start to plan. 

Then when our bodies weaken
And can’t run any more,
Slow it to a walk or stroll,
Consider what’s in store. 

Then when time’s getting shorter,
We’re bound to beds or chairs,
Let’s read and write, paint and draw,
And sort out our affairs. 

There’s Powers of Attorney,
For finances or health, 
Funerals and written wills
To say who gets our wealth. 

For once our time is over, 
If we’ve talked it all through,
It’s better for our loved ones;
They’ll know just what to do. 

Rachel McCoubrie 2018

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  1. beautiful way to start one of the hardest conversations to have with loved ones. However, my Mum keeps saying she will know when its time to do things...even falling down her staircase hasn't made her see that the time is now. X


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