Cheesy nonsense 🧀🧀🧀

GK Chesterton once said,
“Poets have been mysteriously quiet on the subject of cheese.”

Throughout my life, I aim to please
Hence a poem on the subject of cheese
Just for GK Chesterton.
I may be mysterious
But I am not quiet...
I am here to pay homage 
To the fromage.

What’s better than Feta,
Or Gouda than Brie?
Melted, grated, thickly spread
Smeared all over toast or bread.

Cheese puts the man in Manchego, 
But leaves the Bishop Stinking.
It puts Blue in the Danes
(Just look at their veins).

Eat Stilton with Stilts on
Drink a Double in Gloucester
Wear Red to Leicester
And Gorge on Cheddar.

How I do love Ewe!
Let’s go find a Cottage,
Get Chutney’d and Pickled;
We’ll Fondue the Goats....
And make a Baby (bel);
While outside, the French Cows are Laughing. 😂🐮

🧀 🐑 🐐 🐄 ðŸ˜Š ðŸ§€


  1. Parmesan is the king of cheese. Why have you left him out? Yours, disgruntled reader.

    1. Sorry little brother...maybe I’ll add a verse! X


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