Anything but the 'D' words...

At work, we are frequently coming across colleagues using euphemisms which can be easily misinterpreted. Hence a little piece to encourage us to use the 'D' words:

Let’s just say Jim didn’t fix it.
She’s toast, brown bread;
Bought it, croaked it,
Pegged it, snuffed it.
Any of these, but don’t say dead...

With the angels now
Passed on, passed over,
Gone to sleep,
At peace, we’ve lost her,
Pushing up daisies,
Living in a box.

She’s kicked the bucket,
Got wings and flying,
Thrown a seven,
Gone to heaven,
But nobody ever said dying....

Deteriorating, crook, unwell,
Going down hill,
Paid her final bill,
On a one way track,
No way back.

Really poorly,
Really, really poorly,
Going to get better surely?
Quite unlikely to recover,
It’s getting serious now my lover.
She’s struggling to catch her breath
But let’s not talk about death...

Euphemisms and clichés
What trite we all say.
Death, Dying, Dead
They’re easily said.
We know what they mean
When we’re setting the scene;
So just use the 'D' words instead.

Rachel McCoubrie Nov 2017

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