Sibling Day April 10th ❤️😘

It's National Sibling Day today. I wrote this last night for my sibs and our kids.....and I'm sure other parents would echo the sentiments ❤️😘


April the 10th is Sibling day,
A time to stop and give thanks.
No fighting, no teasing, no telling tales,
No winding them up with your pranks.

Let's have a day, just start with one day,
When nobody shouts or screams,
Filled with beautiful thoughts, and considerate words,
And a calmness that's close to serene.

I don't want to hear, "It's not my fault!"
Or "Stop it!" or "Get off!" or "MuuuuM!"
Let's all make an effort and really try hard;
Who knows, it might even be fun! 😜

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