National Earth Day 22.4.18

National Earth Day 🌎🌍🌏

If EARTH fell to pieces
We’d be out on our EAR,
Unable to HEAR,
Left with nothing to EAT
Except maybe a RAT 
While shedding a TEAR. 

If the WORLD was in bits
With a falling DOW,
There’d be a big ROW. 
We would grow OLD 
With a ROD for our backs
We’d all feel so LOW. 

If our PLANET was ruined,
Not a PLANT left to see
Not an APE nor a PET;
No salmon to LEAP 
Into our NET. 
Where would we be?
Let’s make a PLAN
Over an ALE or a TEA,
It’s not too LATE
To keep it NEAT...

Rachel McCoubrie 22.4.18

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