Christmas with Easyjet

Our flight home from Berlin was somewhat turbulent. Storms apparently. It started out as the usual gentle bumps and jolts  - enough for the seatbelt light to be switched on. No problem. But then the plane started to really pitch about all over the place - major shaking of the plane in every direction. Looks were exchanged between passengers, eyebrows were raised and eyes were rolled. The kids started to look a little alarmed.
"It's okay, don't worry." I said.
Then the plane began to nosedive quite suddenly and dramatically and the captain's voice came over the tannoy, 
"Crew, take your seats IMMEDIATELY!"
The crew didn't waste any time in doing exactly as he said. At this point, G (11) burst into tears crying, "No, no, no!"
"It's okay," I said, cuddling her and holding her close.  "It's just a bit bumpy tonight isn't it. It'll be alright again soon." The outward voice of calm while inwardly screaming, "OH MY GOD, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!"
My self-calming thought was that at least we would all die together (must be something to do with the palliative care doctor in me trying to make it a 'good death'). The plane then lurched upwards again and then down - I really have never experienced anything quite like it except on fairground rides. After what seemed a long time, we passed through the storm and the buffeting stopped. The captain's voice came back over the tannoy,

"Sorry about that, it was a bit stormy back there. We have now dropped altitude so we are below the storm. There are other airplanes at this altitude though, so we'll have to keep an eye out." 

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